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kể về ngôi trường bắt đầu của e bởi giờ đồng hồ anh

- Ko chnghiền văn uống chủng loại nhé!

- Là ngôi trường cấp cho 2 nha! ( trương trình thí điểm lớp 6 )


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Viết 1 đoạn vnạp năng lượng nđính biểu đạt về ngôi trườngmớicủa em bởi Tiếng Anh

mik đã buộc phải gấp , chúng ta giúp mik với

** LƯU Ý : Là ngôi ngôi trường new nha vì năm nay mik lên lớp 6



My new school"s name is Truong Yen secondary school. It"s located in Tan Hoa village, Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninch Binch proince. It"s surrounded by many tall trees, a river & range mountain. It"s big with a large yard & three buildings. It"s has 20 rooms with 14 classrooms an some function rooms: a library room, a biology room, a language room, a chemistry room, a physic room và a computer room. There is a plauground in my school where we often play basketball in it at breaktime between lessons. There are 40 teachers. They are kind, helpful và generous. They are as our second mother. They teach us many useful lessons an help us with many difficult problems in the life. It"s also has 450 students. They are always sociable, funny and intelligent. We often sit on th benches under the trees to lớn talk about interesting lessons or a good movie... My new school is always in my mind & I love sầu it very much. I"ll never forget my school where I spent my childhood aao ước friends và teachers.

TK MK NHA. ^_^

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This year I will no longer be an elementary school student, I am a junior high school student. My new school is Ly Nhat Quang Junior High School - a special school of Do Luong district.When I was in school, it was time to lớn look at the middle school that I heard a lot of people say about it.It is near the disease of So Luong so new lớn me is quite afraid. The gate looks so majes, it is wrapped in a bright red. On the xanh line is Ly Nhat Quang secondary school. At school, I have sầu a feeling of freshness. The school has a pink dress. The school has a lot of classrooms, it has lớn 19.20 classrooms. In the middle is a red flag star yellow, and a raised pitch for the drum team. And the teachers" offices.I the school very much. I was lucky to lớn study there